Nyman maintains an effective health and safety program for its employees and job sites. Nyman subscribes to the Construction Industry Service Program (CISP) safety program and provides all employees with a Basic Safety Manual for Construction. All field employees are provided with a copy of OSHA 2202, 1994 Construction Digest.

Additionally, we engage Vicinity, Inc. – an occupational oversight group – to conduct weekly inspections of job sites, ensuring that OSHA standards are met. If any deficiencies are found, corrective actions are assigned to the responsible contractor/subcontractor.

All subcontractors are obligated by contract to abide by all OSHA, Federal, State and Local regulations while on a Nyman job sites. It is Nyman’s policy to require all subcontractors to provide Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) prior to their bringing hazardous materials onto the job sites. By contract, all subcontractors assume the responsibility of training their employees under the Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR Part 1926.59). Our project superintendents strictly enforce the policy that no hazardous material be introduced onto the job site by vendors, salespeople or employees without a MSDS.

Nyman maintains these policies and procedures to ensure the health and safety of all the parties on our job sites.